Amsterdam streaming sexy camera

Going on stage is not recommended unless you’re really open-minded...Cost: €25; €35 with four drinks; deals available for groups Sleaze factor: 6. So get your hand sanitizer ready -- here are the ‘hood’s five spots to see some action... There are still plenty of spots where people will do the things that Urban Dictionary authors write about.

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Sleaze factor: A mere 5 out of 10; it’ll tickle your funny bone more than any other bone, and the stage/audience divide gives you plenty of distance. What to expect: This is the original Amsterdam sex-theater experience.

And what is life like for software developers in Amsterdam?

To answer this question we gathered a sample of over 170 tech companies, classified them by industry and mapped them onto the city.

Others seized users’ attention to plug their website, while one Redditor performed jumping jacks in the centre of the roundabout before reportedly being questioned by police.

Ellen Pao, the beleaguered former Reddit, CEO who resigned after thousands of fans of the website petitioned against her, also got a mention, and saw her name scrawled in chalk alongside the crass "d*ckbutt" meme.

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