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The victim’s cash till card was stolen and used to steal €2,000, suggesting that the killer may have tortured him to obtain the PIN number.Marshall, a former refuse collector, had moved to Rome just three weeks earlier on January 11 and rented a flat in Rome's Prati district, with someone he claimed to be a childhood friend and the friend's transsexual partner.In this article, the central theme will be the sex ratio of European countries and cities.Although the sex ratio does not seem to be a very visible or threatening issue, it does heavily impact the daily lives of EU citizens.I’m sure this post is going to cause something of a stir, and I usually try to steer clear of controversial topics because I cannot be bothered to deal with the stress of people swearing at me.However, this particular topic is one that I’m passionate about, so I do not care; I’m going to rant away.

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Different urban issues concerning the lives of women will be discussed in this series.A known MI5 impersonator from Greenwich went on trial in Italy today accusing of brutally murdering a man he met in a gay chat room, and assaulting a second man in similar circumstances.Jason Peter Marshall, 26, a diagnosed psychotic with several convictions for assault and impersonating police officers, is charged with stabbing and strangling the 68-year-old retired Italian tour guide, Vincenzo Iale, on 2 February 2013.The statistics and stuff I read in books or articles, and many of them are linked.It’s titled, 25 Things I’ve Learned About Italy because it’s things that I’ve learned from others and a few things that I’ve observed through an expats eyes. That list would be a lot different and probably funnier and more offensive. Italy has one of the lowest ratings in Europe for women’s rights. Northern and Southern Italians don’t like each other, or rather, they generalize heavily about one another. Typically, the north is industial and educated while the south is still stuck in the 1920’s.

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