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Between 15, Luther published more works than the next 17 most prolific reformers combined.Martin Luther (1483-1546) was an Augustinian monk and university lecturer in Wittenberg when he composed his “95 Theses,” which protested the pope’s sale of reprieves from penance, or indulgences.Aird, who served five terms as Lord Provost, had his mansion on this site, and, while his fowl were being fattened for the pot, would paddle and peck about in the street’s muddy puddles.You can see a portrait of Aird in today’s Merchants’ House, on the corner of George Square.His first model of a printing press was revealed in around 1440 in Strasbourg.

Across the road, on the corner, was once the city’s, thatched, Custom House.Nothing fishy about this pub In 1814, the year before the Battle of Waterloo, city businessman and landowner Mathew Park decided to build this fine tenement, on what was then known as Park’s Land.It was another five years before the locals could toast the Iron Duke's victory over Old Boney, as the premises weren't granted a licence until 1819. 1398 – February 3, 1468) was a German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer, and publisher who invented the first printing press.Gutenberg’s printing press revolutionised the creation of books and helped make them affordable, ushering in a new era of affordable books and literature. He started his working life as a merchant, but then moved into work as a blacksmith and goldsmith.

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