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We strive to become an example as a sustainable company in the Netherlands.

Our sustainable focus is not just on roof activities, it also translates into the way we maintain contact with our clients, colleagues, subcontractors and suppliers.

The Dutch Emergency Number is “112” which is an all-encompassing emergency number for cases where lives are in danger.

Firefighters, the Police and ambulances are all connected to this number.

During office hours you can call us, or visit our counter on the Nieuwe Haven 171 to repeat prescriptions.

When repeating prescriptions always keep close the following details: Every weekday between 11.00 and 12.00 am several general practitioners do consultations telephonically (070 3824777, option 4).

We are a practice of general practitioners for The Hague center, Stationsbuurt and Rivierenbuurt.

We are a full service organization that will take all work and worry out of your hands: from the design stages to implementation and maintenance.

They have been practicing in the neighbourhood since many years and have regulated contact with many other health care providers.

Together we have developed several special programs for chronic diseases, mental health, youth care and others.

If you have Dutch health insurance the price depends on your coverage and your so called “own risk” ()(the amount you have to pay yourself per treatment).

The lower your “own risk” is, the less expensive your medical bill will be and vice versa.

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