Do black women hate black men dating white women

The discussion was in response to “Why do Black athletes marry white women?

” #Redskins Lyndon Antonio Trail asked his followers “Why do black athletes marry white women?

I can tell you as a young Black woman that Black men who date white women aren’t my problem.

Susan Geria, Toronto Re Why Today’s Veterans Avoid The Legion, by Robert Smol (NOW, November 10-16).

” This is how a #Miami Dolphins player responded O9Dvz9b O — Baller Alert (@balleralert) March 16, 2017 Someone under the handle of Maserati Rick made this statement, “The answer is simple, brother,” he begins.

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I would, however, like to flag the fact that Black women were excluded from this piece.How would I be a better football player, if I’m not coachable? Let’s put it that way.” I really hate how Black women are constantly belittled for either their lack of submission, femininity and intelligence through the lens of respectability politics.The screenshot comments from Maserati Rick reminded me of a group men called MGTOW, and I would not be surprised if he is a part of them. It is an online social group of sexually frustrated men that uses the “nice guys finish last” scenario to guilt women into dating. Their common belief is that American or Westernized women have abandoned traditionalism thanks to feminism.In addition, when whites and others see “black” people doing this to their own women and girls this opens the door for them to join in too “cause if the black community doesn’t mind mocking and ridiculing their own women and don’t say or do nothing then it must be ok for us to do it too.” This is exactly how they are thinking!AND BEFORE SOME PEOPLE SAY THAT I’M SINGLING OUT SOME GUILTY PARTIES AND NOT OTHERS, SOME BLACK WOMEN AND GIRLS ARE NOT INNOCENT EITHER.

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