Liveupdate had an error updating the virus definitions

Once the "fix" is completed, clicking the "Done" button just takes me back to the original screen that says "attention" Fix this issue.Live Update summary shows the Anti Virus Signatures Vr. Last weeks similar issue occurred also 2x times, and 3 items were failing to be updated.I checked for updates on Norton Internet Security and it shows that I have the latest version. It will come up with a text like 'No solution found' and a suggestion for a Symantec link You have to run this procedure yourself, because the resulting link is for your OS and language version specifically.I also tried downloading the new Virus Definitions and that didn't change the Live Update Error Message. When you click on the link, download the appropriate virus definitions file (32 or 64 bit) for your OS under step2 and run it. This evening when I started my Mac, Norton Security popped up and said that my Mac is at risk because "Your Mac is not set to receive all the latest protection and program updates automatically", which is not correct.

We will update this thread as more information becomes available. Sorry, Dave Coleman Symantec Corporation UPDATE: This issue should now be resolved.Errors can occur preventing Live Update from distributing current definitions to Symantec antivirus.The most common failures occur due to Internet connectivity issues, management server communication errors and corrupt virus definitions.I've also attached a screenshot of the error screen.Is there a way to solve the issue without re-install. I had the same problem and followed these steps on norton solutions page: It worked fine for me!

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