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The Orchard doesn’t specialize in any one genre, but Davidson says, “When you look at the slate of movies we picked up, we don’t shy away from topics that are risque or tough to market.

“It was a go big or go home scenario,” Davidson recalls. “The Overnight” will be a crucial test for one of the splashy new players in film acquisition.

This story first appeared in the June 16, 2015 issue of Variety. As attendance continues to drop, the indie business is a tricky one.

Many titles are enthusiastically received at film festivals, only to be met with indifference by general audiences–just ask Paramount about Toronto’s “Top Five.” But if “The Overnight” succeeds, it could help position The Orchard for the long haul.

In just six months, the distributor has transformed from a company that few in Hollywood had heard of to a formidable buyer.

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