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Cycle Speed Dating is for everyone who likes riding a bicycle!

From there we will jump on the Queenstown Trail and ride in the park and along the lake in pairs, changing partners every few minutes.

Desktop Publishing characterizes the fabrication of camera-ready page layouts with the help of a personal computer as well as specific software and periphery (scanners to import templates, printers/ phototypesetters for high quality editions from page layouts).

* DTP is word processing as well as graphics and layout.

Just click on the 'Add to friends' button on their profile to add them to your list of friends. Delete your temporary files and clear your internet history. Click settings and set your browser to 'Check for new pages every visit'. If that doesn't work make sure you have cookies enabled on your computer.

If you haven't made any friends yet, go to 'Search Members' and find a friend! We offer the following payment plans: 1 Month Membership £19.99 3 Month Membership £39.99 6 Month Membership £59.99 12 Month Membership £89.99 To upgrade your membership please log on to your account and go to your account settings (icon top right). To do this go to Tools, Internet Options from your browser and select the Privacy tab.

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    With us you can make Christian friends on all continents, - we have US and European singles, as well as single Christian men and women from Canada, Australia and New Zealand.