Updating white tile countertops

Mindy I've seen some home improvement shows, where the renovation crews built a cover for the outdated counters, sort of like a slip cover for the counter tops. You can cut a heavy duty piece of linoleum or vinyl flooring to the size of the counter tops and glue down. Each 20 inch by 20 inch wooden deck tile was about and I bought a few each weekend.

On another show, the interior designer purchased enough butcher block cutting boards to sit on the old counter; she measured from the back of the counter, where it attaches to the wall, to the front of the counter, and then looked for cutting boards to fit that dimension. I started with the smallest counter to see how the fit and look was.

But with the right supplies and a little creativity, you can update the look of your tile counter so it feels more modern and isn't such an eyesore.

If your tile is an off color, go to your local paint store.

Our tiled countertop is right next to an exterior door and two giant windows. Being able to do so really helped to lessen the intensity of the fumes.

The first thing the instructions tell you to do is to clean the tile with the solution provided. I used a large bucket to mix the powder with water, and then just washed the countertop with the solution and a small rag.

Paint may seem like an unorthodox idea for a tile surface, but if you prepare it properly, ceramic tile takes paint well.

In a kitchen or bathroom, a tile countertop may have dirt, grease, mildew and other residue on its surface, so scrub it with a mild abrasive cleaner and rinse it clean.

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