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But that's all secondary to Cosgrove's main goal: getting her homework in on time."This is my first semester. I'm getting in the groove and getting used to it and trying to figure college out," she says. My best friends are people who came up to me in class. I moved out three weeks ago, twenty minutes from school," she says.I guess I'm not the kind of person who goes up and introduces herself, so it's been the best thing ever. It's hard when you're trying to do something different but not lose the people who know you. "For sure, being able to go to college was my goal.Sometimes I forget that I've been on the show, because everyone is just trying to get to class and get their work done," says Cosgrove of her college experience. I wouldn't want to rush and do something that wasn't right. When I first started acting, my parents thought I'd get a few commercials and we'd put it in a college fund."Her one request for her former Nick bosses: the gummi bear chandelier that was featured on the show. And while she could have gone on shooting i Carly until it morphed into Golden Girls redux, she says it was time to say goodbye."I grew up making the show. We knew it would be sad no matter when we stopped doing it," she says.

'i Carly' star Miranda Cosgrove's Hollywood Hills block was filled to the brim with cops Friday night after a man was found dead near the actresses' home.Her first time back in a regular school, after being tutored on set starting in sixth grade.And her first time living outside her parents' home."People come up to me and introduce themselves.The LAFD put the fire out, and cops recovered ammo and a gun next to the body.23-year-old Cosgrove lives just a few houses away from where the incident happened.

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